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Palette of Perfection™ Facial Massager

Palette of Perfection™ Facial Massager

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Why spend a fortune on pricey skin procedures when you can achieve amazing results in the comfort of your home?

Our Lifting And Firming Palette of Perfection™ Facial Massager combines LED light and microcurrent therapy to sculpty our face and give you flawless skin, all without any harmful ingredients.


- Tightens and lifts neck for a youthful appearance

- Effectively heals pores and acne

- Sculpt your face shape and define your jawline

- Harnesses the latest thermal massaging technology

Three Skincare Modes:

  • Clean Mode 🟢: Oxygen Infusion   "THE JAWLINE SNATCHER"

Promotes microcirculation of the body surface, lymphatic and swelling drainage. This mode calms, balances, and tightens the skin giving you that flawless jaw line.

  • EMS Mode 🔴: Collagen Boost    "THE SKIN SMOOTHER"

Reduced wrinkles and fine lines, shrinks pours, eliminates acne, kills bacteria that causes blackheads and rejuvenates overal skin health.

  • Hot Mode 🔵: Skin Refinement   "THE AGE REVERSER"

Enhances cell regeneration, accelerates blood circulation, promotes the growth of fiber cells and collagen, improves dark spots while smoothing and tightening fine lines.

HOW TO USE THE Palette of Perfection™ Facial Massager

Using the Palette of Perfection™ Facial Massager is a simple process and only minimally takes up to 5 minutes of your skincare routine. For the best results we recommend being consistent for at least 4 days a week.  Below are step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to get the most out of your micro-current device:


  • Now that your hands and face are clean, begin by taking an oil, cream, serum of your choice and apply section by section of the area you want to target.
  • Pro Tip! Reapply product as you go to ensure a smoothing gliding motion over each area!
  •  Be sure to remove the white cap off of the device, and use the provided soft cloth to wipe the metal head to ensure a clean surface. Once completed, press and hold the power button to turn it on. This same button allows you to switch modes by pressing it to reach the desired setting. You will see the light change so you know which mode you are in!
  • Now that you have your mode selected, you can begin gliding the device in an upward motion with repeated gentle strokes for about 6-10 times per area. The device will automatically shut off after 5 minutes of being in use. That's how you know you are done!


Dr. Daniel Brown

As a doctor, I recommend the Palette of Perfection™ Facial Massager due to its various positive impacts on the skin:

- Improved blood circulation: Regular massage with this device can enhance blood flow to the facial skin, promoting better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells, thus improving their health and appearance.

- Increased collagen production: Massage helps stimulate collagen production, which can increase skin elasticity and tone, making it appear younger and healthier.

- Reduction of facial muscle tension: Using the device can help relax tense facial muscles, reducing the appearance of fine lines and providing relaxation to the skin.

- Enhancement of skincare product efficacy: Massage aids skincare products to penetrate the skin better, enhancing their effectiveness and providing more visible results.

- Reduction of puffiness and dullness: Regular use of the massager can help reduce puffiness, eliminate accumulated excess fluid, and improve the skin's appearance, giving it a healthier and fresher look.

These positive effects can contribute to improving the overall condition of the skin and enhance its attractiveness and health.

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